In Bound - Contact Center Services

Developing great products and services is your mission. Delivering first-contact resolutions to technical issues and boosting customer satisfaction is ours.

We know where you’re coming from. Providing world-class service beyond the initial sale is both the opportunity and challenge of technical support. At CrescoSys, our trained Tech Support Specialists have the skills, experience, and tools to deliver more first-contact-resolutions and greater customer satisfaction.

When your customers expect a higher level of service

Our Tech Support Specialists understand the critical nature of technical support and how it builds and secures your customer relationships. They seamlessly integrate with your culture and provide expert advice at all levels for your products and services. They listen, understand, empathize, and resolve every issue to the customer’s satisfaction. Our Support Specialists’ passion for your brand comes through at every touchpoint.

Now you can focus on core competencies

Building your revenues and growing your brand loyalty involves establishing a technical support foundation for your customers. This requires a significant capital and human investment. CrescoSys saves you time and money by doing this for you. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and extensive call center experience, your customers receive the best technical support services on the market. Your valuable time can be devoted to your core competencies – producing outstanding products and services.

Deliver the right customer experience at a critical touch point in the customer lifecycle

At CrescoSys, our Technical Support Specialists turn your customers’ issues into positive experiences. Our Specialists have brand tech support down to a science. They provide multiple customer touchpoints, including inbound calls, live Web chat, and email – all with the voice of your brand. In addition, they assimilate the voice of your brand into Interactive Voice Responses (IVR) to provide an upbeat approach to standard self-service functions. Our Technical Brand Specialists are available 24/7/365 to meet and exceed the levels of service your customers want and demand.

CrescoSys’s bilingual and multilingual Technical Support Specialists deliver an added level of comfort and convenience to your customers. Technical support made easy in a language your customers can relate to. Our dedicated integration teams work within your technological infrastructure and our proprietary platforms to provide you with custom solutions to meet the needs of your diverse customer base.

Flexibility and skill give CrescoSys’s Technical Brand Specialists the edge your brand needs to put you first on your customers’ list. Your brand and your customers deserve the best in technical support. It’s a positive resolution with CrescoSys.