Financial Services

Industry-Driven Solutions

We provide a full portfolio of industry-focused management consulting services, technology solutions and solution accelerators critical to attract and retain customers in today’s competitive financial services landscape. Our solutions are designed to support enterprise modernization and transformation projects, improve business processes, and implement enterprise technology and service-based platforms for reducing costs, increasing efficiency and making smarter business decisions to experience growth.

  • Business and Technology Solution Rationalization
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Program Value and Cost Management
  • Client Centricity
  • Risk and Regulatory Compliance
  • Quality Management


We offer holistic technology solutions from strategy through implementation. Our financial services technologists help companies align current technology with new and existing business processes to improve operational efficiency and speed-to-market capabilities. We help evaluate and position new technologies including cloud computing, tablets and next-generation mobile devices, complex event processing, service-oriented architecture and functional languages to provide an effective strategy for growth.