Enterprise Collaboration

Enterprises usually look to Microsoft SharePoint in order to share their information management challenges and ideas via comprehensive business insights, improved stakeholder collaboration, lifecycle management and better information discoverability. A robust strategy, enterprise transformation and governance are key factors for a successful SharePoint rollout. We at Crescosys offer high quality SharePoint services to handle these critical success factor for your organization.

Crescosys team has a dedicated SharePoint practice which importantly focus on content management, process management and portal development. Our SharePoint collaboration solution help transform an organization’s employee and customers experience through latest Web 2.0 technologies along with creating a wonderful user experience. The reusable framework helps in reducing customer’s cost and delivering quicker solutions. Our team dedicated to integration of SharePoint within various types of business applications.

Our team consistently push the limits of Microsoft SharePoint programming in order to develop highly robust solution which are modular, fast, easy to integrate, use and upgrade and secure as well. We are regarded for our ability to determine any SharePoint issue involving SharePoint enterprise applications, no matter how minor or complex it is. Our practices would assist you in various SharePoint support requires and completed high volume of successful SharePoint projects.

Leveraging Crescosys’s experience team with their in depth knowledge of entire product set will enable your organization to utilize a comprehensive solution to allow greater collaboration across the various lines of business. Our SharePoint practices offer following benefits to customers:

  1. Experienced and Certified professionals team will handle your SharePoint issues.

  2. Our team is experienced in offering innovative solutions and able to absorb reusable components.

  3. High end technical architecting

  4. On time, On budget performance

  5. Dedicated to end user experience

Our teams are dedicated to maximize the investment in your human capital knowledge and intellectual property and minimize travel and programming costs. We streamline your organization’s processes and workflows leading to improved planning, visibility and access. We at Crescosys, create a healthy working environment in order to attract and retain a progressive workforce and also use more environment friendly digital workplace to help achieve your sustainability objectives.

In Crescosys we envision and strategize Microsoft SharePoint program, SharePoint Decisioning framework and Cloud deployment strategy. We also provide end to end SharePoint implementation and deployment services. Our team manage architecture, best practices, incremental deliveries, health check and intranet accelerators etc. The organization also focused on governance and sustenance services such as managed services delivery model and governance framework.

The benefits of SharePoint services are:

  • It enable rapid business growth, transformation and adoption.

  • These services accelerate time to market.

  • It also incorporate enterprise social principles.

  • SharePoint solution and services also provide robust governance and sustenance.

  • It reinforce industries best practices.

If we cover all of our SharePoint services in short then it includes collaboration workspace, portal and content management strategies, cloud delivery options, governance model, enterprise collaboration, internet and intranet B2B portals, assessment and capacity planning, business continuity, performance engineering and application security etc.