About Us


Your ideal source topnotch technology consulting services. A quick look around our website will unveil our wide range of services such as application development, cloud services, managed services, unified communication and many more. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of technology consulting services with a heart on Microsoft space.

Who We Are

CrescoSys Inc has been a great leader in the provision of first rate technology services since the year 2009. CrescoSys Inc  was founded by Udayakumar Ethirajulu, a man who has a great zeal for helping companies and organizations grow by offering them matchless technology consulting services. This great passion of his impelled him to do intensive research and gave him the thrust to turn passion and hard work into a successful technology consulting service center.

What We DO

Guided by our passion for helping organizations succeed through our first rate service, we offer several services which include;

  • Unified Communications

  • Application Development Services

  • Managed Services

  • Cloud Services

  • Business Intelligence

  • And Many More…

Why Choose Us?

Out of the several hundreds of technology consulting companies out there, CrescoSys Inc refused to remain an option but the best for we

  • Have rich years of experience of over a decade in the industry

  • Possess the technical know how to ensure you get the very best

  • Work to ensure your expectations are not only met but exceeded

  • Each member of our team has over a decade of experience in architecting, designing and other various Microsoft solutions

  • Each member of our team has the Microsoft title of “Master” or “MVP” so be rest assured you are working with a great team of proficient Microsoft space technologists.

  • And Lots More…

How We Work

At CrescoSys, we do much more than simply deliver technology or provide managed services. We start by understanding our clients’ business requirements. We then create solutions based on our winning combination of insight, innovation and the deep knowledge of Microsoft and other technologies.

With our great team of experts and rich years of experiencing in various fields, we believe we have all it takes to give you the very best of technology consulting services.

For further inquiries, advices or comments, do not hesitate to contact us.



The CrescoSys Team.